Leg-A-Matic II


A second version of the Leg-A-Matic that accepts steel pipe and tube.

The Leg-a-Matic II builds on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Leg-a-Matic because now you can leg up with 1.5″ steel pipe* and 2″ square steel tube! The bracket bolts to the platform frame with standard 3/8″ bolts and legs install in the permanent pocket quickly and easily. The pocket is capped to protect the deck surface and add stability. The Leg-a-Matic II reinforces platform corners, minimizes wear and tear on your platforms, saves time and saves money. Made of 6061-T6 aluminum. Does not relieve the need for cross bracing legs.

Add the Leg-A-Matic Hardware Kit for easy and clean bracket installation. See “Related Products” below.

* Note: Pipe dimensions are typically given as the inside diameter (ID) of the pipe. 1.5″ steel pipe has an outside diameter (OD) of ~ 1.9″.