A Few Simple Steps For Installing Your Leg-a-Matic

Get set up.
Clamp the Leg-a-Matic
in place using a temporary
leg for alignment.
Using the Leg-a-Matic
as a template, drill four holes
using a 13/32" drill bit.
Bolt to unit using 3/8"
flat head stove bolts,
Nylock nuts, and washers.
Now simply screw the
leg in and you're ready to go!

Very clean looking and
will last and last.

How many Leg-a-Matic™ brackets will you need?

You will need to install a bracket wherever you would normally place a leg to fully support the
platform. Use the diagrams of typically built platforms to determine your needs.

Alternative Placement for 30 and 45 degrees?

30 degree
(Click Image to Enlarge)


45 degree
(Click Image to Enlarge)


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