Hardware Pak

We are proud to offer the LAM (Leg-a-Matic™) Hardware Pak for installing the Leg-a-Matic to the platform. It consists of the following all in a sealed plastic package:

4) Gr 8 3/8”-16 x 2-1/2” Alloy Steel FH hex key Bolt
4) 3/8”-16 Zinc Plated Nylon Insert Locking Nut
4) 3/8” Zinc Plated SAE Flat Washer

No Countersinking: The flat head bolt finishes flat to the surface of the platform sides. Countersinking as for carriage or hex head bolts is not needed.

Easy Installation: Since the bolt head takes a 7/32” allen wrench, you have positive grip which allows driving the bolt with a power tool.

Secure: The nylon insert in the nuts serve to lock the nut in place. This avoids additional lock washers and counters the loosening effects of vibration and use.

The beauty and intent of the LAM Hardware Pak is quality convenience.

Buy the Leg-a-Matic and the Pak together and;

• no trips to the hardware store
• no surprises running two bolts short
• hand it all to your crew and it’s all there to install
• it’s less expensive than purchasing the same hardware locally.


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